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How come it’s perfectly natural and okay needing help for having your diaper changed, your genitals washed and your mouth fed, but offensive and perverse expressing your sexual frustrations and needs ? – that is, if you’re disabled! How come we tend to accept the former as fundamental human rights, but not the latter?


Our fundamental attitude is, that sexuality is an integrated part of every single persons personality, a basic need and aspect of being human. A fundamental and universal human right. Our mission is to fight the wrongly held belief, that disabled people neither have a sexuality, nor sexual needs. And furthermore, that disabled people do not have the right to live out and fulfill these needs on equal terms as others.

The primary responsable for the activities in Handisex are Sexologist & Massage-therapist Asgerbo Persson and Sexologist and Couple therapist Janne Jaaks. As an extern consultant we have Co-founder and Psychologist & Sexologist Michelle Miller. Furthermore Our team is supported by external partners, bringing exciting ideas, innovations and services to the table.

Our services include:

Assisted sexuality



Counselling to helpers, families and associates

Sexual training